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About Us

NMS was founded by seventeen young men who had passion for bringing souls to God’s kingdom in the year 1905. Among them, Bishop VS Azariah and Bishop JR Chitambar became first Indian Bishops in Anglican and Methodist churches. The founders have borrowed the quote of William Carey, “Expect great things from God, Attempt great things for God” as the watch word for the organization. Sadhu Sundar Singh who is remembered as the “Apostle with a bleeding feet” served in NMS as its honorary missionary.


To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to Indians by Indians with Indian money and through Indian methods


NMS is a prestigious missionary organization that strives in establishing God’s kingdom. We serve with the motto:  “India for Christ”.  It is the only organization which has been recognized by NCCI (National Council of Churches in India. We take the gospel of Christ to various parts of India through our missionaries. Our mission fields are in 21 states of India.

We are members of National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) and are handing over our mission fields and churches to the nearest, dynamic main line church. Our projects include planting churches, building hostels and hospitals. We have elven tribal hostels in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand states of India. Orphan, semi orphan and tribal children are benefited through our hostels. They are nurtured with good qualities and are equipped spiritually. We serve through hospitals at Tirupathur (Eye Hospital), Madavalam and Nadanur. We have Christhkula Ashrams at Tirupathur, Courtallam and Madavalam. They are serving as retreat centres.

Briefing on Founders of NMS

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V S Azariah

V S Azariah was the second child of Rev Thomas Vedanayagam. He grew up in a village called Velalanvillai where once when he was a small boy, he offered his golden bangles as a contribution for missions in Africa.  He served for nearly twenty years near Tiruchendur as a pastor. Rev Azariah was associated with young men in YMCA. Sherwood Eddy of YMCA and K T Paul were his friends. They later founded National Missionary Society of India in 1905 with some more friends in Serampore, Calcutta.  The founders decided to work with Indian men, money and methods. In 1909 he went as a missionary to Dornakal and later became the Bishop of Dornakal diocese. He worked for church union and was instrumental in the formation of Church of South India (CSI). He worked for the upliftment of the depressed classes. So he is remembered as the Apostle of Unity and also as an Apostle of Outcastes.

Sherwood Eddy

Sherwood Eddy was born on January 19, 1871 in the United States. He finished his engineering studies in Yale University. In an evangelical meeting which he attended, he committed his life as a missionary to foreign lands. He came to India through YMCA but had to live with financial support from his parents. In a particular occasion when Bishop V S Azariah needed Rs 60,000 for his Dornakal diocese, he and his wife prayed about it. They then wrote a letter to Sherwood Eddy asking for his help. He immediately helped them with the needed money!

K T Paul

K T Paul completed his B.A. from Madras Christian College in 1896. He became spiritual and evangelistic after attending the Union Sunday School conducted by Rev Cotelingam in George Town. While he was working as a teacher in government service in Salem, he became interested in NMS and served as an Organising Secretary first. He then became the General Secretary of NMS after Rev V S Azariah. He served as the General Secretary of YMCA too.

E S Hensman

E S Hensman was born in 1852 in Jaffna. He was the first Tamil CMS missionary in Ceylon. He did his higher education in India. He entered Public Service in the finance Department of the Government of India and rose to the position of Chief Superintendent of the Accountant General’s Office. He was a founding father of NMS. He served as its first honorary treasurer.  He was also honorary Secretary for some time and was elected as its President for a term.

R Sirajuddin

Sirajuddin was born in 1874 in Lahore in Pakistan. He was the son of SayedGhulam Ali, a descendant of Persian-Arab saint whose shrine is found in Kashmir. While he was studying in the American Presbyterian High School in Rawalpindi, he was influenced to Christianity by his Principal, Rev Robert Morrison and his master Mr H D Ghosh. He was also a founding father of NMS.

Jashwant Rao Chitambar

JashwantRaoChitambar was the first bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Southern Asia. He was an outstanding leader of the Methodist Church for a generation. He was the son of a Maratha Brahmin convert who was pastor at Allahabad and Cawnpore. He was born in 1879 and was educated at the Methodist High School and College in Lucknow and later served as Professor and Principal for several years.   In 1896 when he was seventeen year old he consecrated his life for the Master‘s service.  Having made his decision to enter the ministry, he and his wife entered Bareilly Theological Seminary for ministerial training. He served in Nainital and Lucknow as Pastor, Missionary superintendent and also as an  educationist.

E A De Alwis

E.A. de Alwis was born in Kandy in Sri Lanka and was a member of a family very closely associated with the works of St. Paul‘s Church (Church of Ceylon) in the city.  He joined the staff of the famous Trinity College in 1897 and ended his career there as Senior Master in Mathematics.  He was Captain and Commanding Officer of the School Cadets.  He died in 1919 in Kandy and was buried with full military honours, his Senior Cadets forming the Firing Squad and the Junior Cadets acting as pall-bearers.

J M Gulam Masihi

GulamMasihi was educated in Farukkabad where he acquired fair knowledge of English and Persian.  Gulam showed keen interest in religious education and the study of the Bible and eventually accepted Christ as his Saviour. He worked in the Collector‘s Court and was about to be appointed as Tahsildar, when, on account of his inner urge, he gave up his worldly prospects and became a preacher of the gospel.  He devoted himself to the study of not only Christian books and papers but also of Hindu and Muslim religious literature.  He wrote against the Theosophical Society in Sufir-i-Hind and became a regular contributor to NurAfshan, the Christian Urdu weekly of Punjab. Later he worked as Professor in the Seminary at Saharanpur.

Bepin Chandra Sircar

A YMCA Secretary, Orator and Evangelist, B C Sircar was born in 1872 in a Hindu family in the District of Barisal in East Bengal.  After his Intermediate Examination he came to Calcutta in 1894 and joined the Duff College, now the Scottish Church College for a B.A. Course.  Here he was influenced by Campbell White, a man of deep spirituality, who was the General Secretary of the Association in Calcutta. The study of the New Testament under Campbell White made a deep impression on Sircar‘s mind.  Like Apostle Paul, BepinSircar had a vision of Jesus Christ who told him that he was called to His service and not long after that he was baptized in 1898 and received into the Christian Church.  He took his Master‘s degree in theology in Canada and was ordained on 5thMay 1904 and returned to Rangoon as the pastor of the Hindustani Baptist Church.

It is a challenge for us today as we retrospect on the lives of the founders of NMS to give our best people to the service in missionary enterprise in India. God needs the best service, time and talent to be given to Him.

Nirmal Chandra Mukerji

N C Mukerji of Allahabad was a brilliant Brahmin convert. He was Principal of Ewing Christian College, Allahabad. He called on the Indian Church to relate its faith more directly to political events by formulating a body of teaching which would do for our nationalist movement what Christian Socialism has done for the labour movement in England. Using the Christian notion of true brotherhood to condemn the British subjection of India, Mukerji

urged the NMS, ‘to let our countrymen feel that instead of being a hindrance, Christianity is an ally and an incentive to their national inspirations. NMS participated in the nation’s development and began to appropriate nationalist language to advance the society’s interests. (In the Shadow of the Mahatma: Bishop V S Azariah and the Travails of Christianity in British India by Susan Billington Harper, 2000)

S N Mukherjee &JnanRanjan Banerjee

Since the IMS began under the auspices of the Anglican Church of India, in 1905 the Indian leaders decided to create an interdenominational society led by native Christian leaders raised up by God like K T Paul, V S Azariah, J R Banerjee, S N Mukherjee and many more young men. In Calcutta over Christmas season they met to form the National Missionary Society of India. The first missionary from the society was sent to a small village in Lahore. (Emerging Mission, Edited by Mark Oxbrow and Emma Garrow, CMS/IMS/ISPCK, 2005) V S Azariah recruited the society’s first missionary, James Williams, from among the Indian delegates attending the 1907 World Student Federation Conference in Tokyo to begin work among the predominantly Muslim village Fazlabad in Punjab in August of that year. The society’s second and third missionaries were sent in 1909 to Okara in Punjab and to Nukkar Tehsil in the United Provinces respectively. In 1910 missions has also been established in the Omalur Taluk, 200 miles west of Madras and in the Karjat-Karmala Taluks in the Bombay Presidency. (In the Shadow of the Mahatma: Bishop V S Azariah and the Travails of Christianity in British India by Susan Billington Harper, 2000)

L.T. Ah

Son was a musician and teacher at Baptist College, Rangoon. He studied at the Moody Bible Institute at Chicago.

Ah Pon

Ah Pon was the brother of Ah Son. He was a doctor and an ordained medical missionary. Ah Son and Ah Pon were the sons of Adoniram Judson’s first converts.

Sumant Vishnu Karamakar

S V Karmakar was the son of a Brahmin convert from Poona. He received a BD Degree at Yale. He was ordained and worked with the American Marathi Mission. He also served in the YMCA, the British and Foreign Bible Society, and other Christian organisations.

Edward C Carter

E C Carter was a graduate of Harvard University. He served as traveling secretary for northern India. He was a close companion of V S Azariah during his YMCA years.

W S Ratnavale

W. S. Ratnavale was from Jaffna in Ceylon.